I get my awesomeness from my aunt onesie

Funny Baby Girl Onesie Auntie Awesomeness - Baby Onesies | Kidstors

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Kid Size

Meet the perfect hilariously snarky baby onesie for all of you cool aunties out there. You get your little one's awesome cuteness from them, and they proudly advertise it to all their friends on Facebook. Any day in this Kidstors print is a good day!

This onesie is the perfect gift for a baby niece or nephew! It's soft, comfortable, and features a witty saying that will make everyone smile. Whether you're looking for a unique baby shower present or something special to give your favorite niece or nephew, this Kidstors Onesie is sure to please.

Short-Sleeve Length;
Print Pattern;
O-Neck Collar.

Fabric & Care

Material: Cotton
Machine washable