10 Types of Trendy Baby Clothes Every New Mom Should Own

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When it comes to your newborn, one of the big questions you may have is how do you find the best trendy baby clothing for your new baby boy or baby girl? Although your child might not be able to choose an outfit for themselves, they will surely appreciate looking back in the family photo album to see that they were a trendy baby. So how exactly do you find trendy baby clothes?

Whether you are looking for seasonal one-pieces or everyday cotton baby clothing, we have found some of the most trendy clothing you can find. Padding out your baby's wardrobe with the latest styles can be a chore when you don't know where to start, but it doesn't have to be. Clothing may come down to personal taste, but we are sure you will love some of the outfits and rompers we have gathered for your baby girl or boy today.

We have also answered and pertinent questions you may have in terms of getting ready for your newborn girl or boy so be sure to check out the bottom of the page to find any answers you are looking for!

The Baby Clothes Essentials

Everyday outfits are without a doubt the most essential part of your little one's wardrobe and should be considered before other pieces. Ensuring you have a variety of rompers and one-pieces for your baby girl or baby boy is vital as you never want to run out of clean clothing - Babies are messy after all. Below you will find some of the most essential baby clothing you will need, but don't worry as all our choices are trendy!

1. Newborn Onesies

One of the most vital and popular parts of any baby's wardrobe, one-pieces or onesies are the perfect baby clothes choice. Not only are they extremely easy to change and put on your baby, but they also come in a variety of designs and patterns so you can easily find the right one for your baby girl or boy. Take this gorgeous Floral Ruffle Romper, for example, it is both extraordinarily comfy on your newborn's skin as well as easy to replace when it inevitably gets messy. The floral pattern itself is incredibly eye-catching - and it comes with its very own headband, improving the quality of this onesie.

Boho style is one of the biggest trends at the minute, so why not get your newborn baby girl involved with this Boho Style Romper. The orange and floral design adds a summery touch, that baby girls will love as well as offering an all-encompassing Boho trendy style. You don't need to pay a fortune on the latest baby brands to get the trendiest baby clothes after all.

Onesies are also ideal for our baby boy thanks to a host of different designs out there that come in a variety of different sizes. Whether you are looking for one-pieces that feature funny baby onesies with silly slogans such as this pack my diapers i'm going fishing with daddy onesie offering or a trendy star wars based on like this Star Wars Romper, you will easily find what the items you are looking for at a low price!

Newborn onesies - Kidstors

2. Baby Winter Clothes

With the winter season fast approaching, it is a great idea to prepare your babies wardrobe by stocking up on a host of warm and cozy outfits. One of the most important baby clothes you will need to snag before the winter season is a jacket for your baby. Jackets such as this Nylon Baby Jacket are well suited to wrap your baby up protecting them from any outside elements. Crafted from the highest quality, this trendy baby jacket also comes in a choice of two colors.

Your baby girl will also need a snug jacket for the winter season, so be sure to check out winter baby girl clothes and cute trendy baby boy clothes too. Items such as this amazingly cute Rabbit Ear Jacket are both trendy and also exceedingly adorable, whilst keeping your baby girl warm. The mix of Viscose and Cotton fabrics are made to the highest quality order so you can be sure that your baby girl will be snug.

Denim jackets are also an extremely trendy choice in modern clothing brands, so items such as this Toddler Girl Denim Jacket are suitable winter baby clothes. The most impressive part of this denim jacket though is its surprisingly low price - price doesn't always correlate with quality, as this high-quality jacket can attest to.

Baby Winter Clothes - Kidstors

3. Baby Shoes

Baby shoes, or baby booties, are easily one of the cutest parts of any baby outfit. Though your newborn won't be walking until they are a toddler, baby booties can help fill out an outfit and are ideal when searching for stylish baby clothes. Pieces such as these warm Soft Sole Shoes are ideal for keeping your babies feet warm and adapting to a host of different baby clothes styles. Added details such as the furry little ears and a choice of both color and size make these shoes perfect for your baby girl.

Baby Shoes

4. Baby Swimwear

When summer comes round you may be wanting to bring your child to the local swimming pool to give them a head start in their swimming lessons, but you will need a decent swimming outfit for this. Quality baby girl clothes such as this little mermaid onesie or this Flamingo Swimming Outfit are perfect for your babies swimming lesson. Products of this quality at such low prices are far and few between - but they also come in a host of different sizes suitable for any baby girls.

Your baby boy also shouldn't be left out, especially with swimming outfits such as this Dinosaur Swimming Outfit available for purchase. Offering impressive UPF protection ideal for sunny days and made from a variety of Nylon and Lycra fabrics, these swimming outfits are perfect baby clothes.

Baby Swimwear - Kidstors

Trendy Baby Clothes

5. Occasion Wear

Dressing up your child for a special occasion is both satisfying and offers the perfect photo opportunity to add to your family photo album. Dresses are especially suited for getting your baby girl ready for the family gathering or wedding you have been invited to.

This Ruffle Sleeveless Dress comes in a multitude of colors and sizes and is an ideal choice for your child's first formal outfit. The cotton fabrics are soft against your baby girls skin as well as offering a trendy style making this an ideal option for your newborn's baby clothes. If you prefer dresses or skirts with prints then this Floral Dress offers all you and your baby girl need.

Formal baby clothes can be both trendy and inexpensive, keep your eyes peeled for the best deals so you can get the right baby clothes for your baby girl.

baby girl special occasion dresses - Kidstors

6. Clothing Sets

An ideal way to both save money as well as provide your baby with the clothing they need is to look out for clothing outfits that come in a single package. Your baby will surely spill their food and get covered in mud in their day to day life, so finding sets such as this selection of Striped Pants can be a great option for your baby girl. Products and purchases that come with all the items you need will not only save on shipping but will also prevent you from making a dent in your credit card.

For your baby boy, you may want to check out this cotton wild one baby boy clothes set that comprises all the items you need for your child's outfits in a host of different sizes. Cotton fabrics are perhaps the best choice when it comes to baby clothes as they are both soft and usually offer the best deals, and this baby outfit set offers just that!

baby clothing sets - Kidstors

7. Sweaters and Hoodies

Sweaters and hoodies not only go with most baby outfits you can think of but they also offer practicality, keeping your baby warm in the colder winter and fall seasons. This gorgeous baby boy sweaters section comes in a plethora of different sizes and styles so you are sure to find one that suits any of your planned baby outfits. Striped prints are also an ideal option as this will complement any baby clothes they are paired with. Most sweaters and hoodies are also ideal as they tend to be unisex, meaning they are suited for both your baby girl or your baby boy.

If you are looking for a toddler girl sweaters to round out your clothing selection for your baby girl, then products such as this Fox Girl Sweater or this adorable Applique Sweater are ideal purchases. Finding the right baby clothes at affordable prices can be stressful, but a sweater or hoodie is an ideal choice as they tend to last throughout your child's growth. Due to their oversized nature, they make perfect gifts or additions to the newborn baby girl or boy in the family!

A trendy and pretty popular style choice is to pair the sweater you have purchases for your baby girl up dresses or skirts. This not only looks stylish but will also keep your baby girl warm from any outside elements making it a perfect outfit choice for the colder seasons.

 baby blue hoodie - Kidstors

Holiday Outfits for Babies

Everybody loves a good holiday outfit, regardless of how old you are, so be sure to get your newborn on board. Dressing up your baby girl or boy in cute seasonal baby clothes can make your baby laugh and warm the hearts of your family on a cold winter day. We have gathered some of our favorite holiday outfits that we are sure both you and your baby will love.

8. Halloween Baby Costumes

Halloween is that time of the year where everyone dresses up, young and old, which makes it an ideal time to dress your baby up in a spooky, but cute, outfit. Baby Halloween costumes such as this incredible pumpkin dress will get your baby girl involved in the Halloween spirit so she no longer feels left out. This is ideal for bringing your baby girl to your friend's Halloween party or even just resting in the house on Hallows Eve.

If dressing your kid up in a cute outfit isn't what you are looking for, but you are still wanting to celebrate your babies first Halloween, then this charming 1st Halloween Outfit Set is ideal for you. This two-piece outfit features an appropriately spooky set of trousers, which familiar icons such as pumpkins and candy corn to catch that October mood. It also comes with an eye-catching "My 1st Halloween" pullover that is perfect for celebrating just that, your newborn's first Halloween!

Families who can appreciate spooky October will love getting their child involved in Halloween, whether it's dressing up your baby girl in a trendy pumpkin dress or celebrating your babies first Halloween, there a bevy of outfits available for you.

9. Christmas Baby Clothes

Without a doubt, Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays around the world, and one that your children will remember and look forward to the most. Although your baby may not be able to fully remember their first Christmas clothes, they will love looking back over photos when they are older so what better way to bring a smile to their face than dressing them up in a festive outfit?

One of the most iconic Christmas images is perhaps the Christmas tree itself, so why not celebrate your child's first Christmas with this adorable Baby Boy Christmas Outfit. Featuring the iconic tree on the front and a snazzy red polka dot collar, this outfit is ideal for your babies first Christmas.

Christmas baby clothes- Kidstors

Another classic Christmas icon is Santa himself, and with this baby Christmas outfit, he will not only be delivering presents this year but a smile to your toddler girls face when she looks through the family album. This incredibly cute romper is extraordinarily comfortable thanks to cozy cotton fabrics. But that's not all, however, as it comes with its own adorable little Santa hat, rounding out the outfit and bringing a smile to anyone's face.

Christmas is the time for giving, so why not give your newborn a cherished memory and dress them up in a festive outfit to celebrate their first, second, or even third Christmas!

10. 4th of July

When you think of the 4th of July one of the first things that come to mind will be the patriotic baby clothes with bright and colorful fireworks, stripes and stars of the USA flag, so why not dress your newborn up in something equally as bright and colorful?

Celebrate your nation's independence with this Fourth of July set, perfect for any backyard barbecues or family gatherings. Coming with its trendy headband and shorts designed around the American flag, this is one of the most patriotic outfits you will find anywhere in the baby girl clothes categories.

If you are also considering teaching your newborn baby girl how to swim, which babies are surprisingly adept at, then you will need to snag your little one a swimming outfit. This Toddler Girl Swimsuit evokes images of wonder women, perhaps the most patriotic super girl there is! Dressing your newborn boy up in superhero costumes is one of the most popular outfit options, so why not dress your baby girl up in a supergirl one - Best of all however is that this high-quality offering is suited for the paddling pool.

patriotic baby clothes - Kidstors 


Below we have answered some of the most common questions in terms of purchasing baby clothes and other important items for your newborn, whether they are a baby girl or boy. Be sure to read on to see if we can offer you an answer regarding any questions you may have!

What things should I buy for my Newborn?

The first and perhaps most important thing you want to ensure you have for your newborn is clothes. Thankfully throughout this article, we have some of the trendiest and most eye-catching clothes that you will find for both baby girls and baby boys. Finding the right clothes for your little one can be a pain, especially considering how fast they grow, so be sure to check out the above to see what catches your eye.

Other important things you will need to buy ready for your newborn are things such as feeding bottles, a diaper bag, and a bottle sanitizer. If you plan on feeding your baby girl or boy through bottled milk then a sanitizer is incredibly important as it prevents any bacteria from building up within the bottle protecting your baby from catching a fever or other illness.

Make sure you always have exactly what you need before your newborn is expected, the more prepared you are the easier it will be for both you and your child!

What are some accessories I should buy for my baby?

There are a host of different accessories suitable for both you and your baby, things such as these fantastic bandana bibs are both functional as well as stylish and can help round out an outfit. You may also want to check out additions that can help you in caring for your newborn in the best way possible. Things such as this funky Diaper Bag that gives you everything you need to take diapers with you on your travels; it even offers a changing pad saving you from that mad rush to the nearest baby changing room!

Additional purchases such as bibs and diaper bags are perfect add-ons when it comes to buying everything you need when expecting a new boy or girl addition to the family. Be sure to check what you already have in and see what is needed as it is a good idea to take some time to ensure you have all you will need.

What are some of the trendy baby clothes that are in fashion right now?

There are a variety of different trendy clothing options available for your baby girl or boy today. Floral prints and striped patterns are always an ideal pick, but a lot of the pattern choices will come down to you and your preferences. Dresses and skirts also make ideal baby girl clothes as they are suitable for all seasons and tend to come in a multitude of different prints and styles.

The biggest factor that comes into play when deducing whether clothes are suited for your newborn child or toddler comes completely down to preferences. If your child is comfortable and looks happy in their new outfits, then that's all that truly matters.


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